Reflective Integration Therapy™ is a therapy like no other. This robustly constructed 12 week programme gives you, in a comprehensive and single resource, all the tools you require to accompany your client to new levels of self-awareness and self-esteem - an approach to autism that dignifies the whole person.


These simple and fascinating therapies fully engage both client and therapist alike in a model that is rooted in the therapeutic relationship, and is therefore user and receiver friendly.


As the sessions progress from one week to the next, you as a therapist are enabled to work with individuals on the autism spectrum with confidence, knowing that throughout the progression of the manual, you are given everything necessary to guide and engage with your autistic client, through a systematic and authoritative understanding of the autistic profile.


The RIT™ model delivers what it claims - healing for those on the autism spectrum. Ground once made is never lost, and each new level of healing produces a personal transformation which is relapse proof for the client and through its balanced and well made model - burnout proof for the practitioner.


Reflective Integration Therapy™ - finally a programme that integrates the whole person!

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