Reflective Integration Therapy™ is groundbreaking, in that it is the first fully contemplative psychotherapeutic model ever designed, and has been specifically tailored for individuals with high functioning autism. RIT™ is a comprehensive therapeutic programme comprised of a combination of essential teachings and engaging therapies designed to give hope to the many people on the autism spectrum who are desperately seeking a way to transcend the hand they have been dealt: trying to cope with extreme emotions, abuse, anxiety, social confusion, critical thoughts, and poor choices, and to discover that despite all these things, peace of mind and solid self-esteem are not only possible but attainable - a ‘middle way’ not in theory, but by hard-won practice.


While the current range of psychotherapeutic models and therapy does have some value for those who have an ASD, these models are not founded on a thorough understanding of the nature of ASD and the different profile of abilities, experiences and inner world of a child or adult with autism. It is time for a new psychotherapy model, created by, and for, those who have an ASD … RIT recognizes the specific qualities in ability associated with autism, and uses those qualities eliciting healing … The anticipated outcome of RIT is psychological healing, a greater sense of self-awareness and personal growth. This new therapy, based on an ancient tradition, will be intuitively appealing and effective for many adults who have an ASD.


- from the foreword by Professor Tony Attwood


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