In the early years of my counselling practice, I found a reoccurring theme in my clients on the autism spectrum - a fundamental hunger for a ‘sense of self’ of which poor self-esteem was its major symptom.


The turning point came when I began exploring with my clients, their personal history within the framework of a larger story than their own. I encouraged them to encounter their limited experience not in isolation, but within the epic proportions of the human story - its joys, hopes, setbacks and sufferings embraced and nourished by the collective experience that we call ‘tradition’.


To do this, I drew upon my own wisdom tradition - that of the Western monastic contemplative tradition, and of my personal experience gained from my years living as a contemplative Carmelite nun, exploring the human condition within an English monastic community. There I discovered the therapeutic qualities of silence, reflection and service, healing and integrating the personality in profound ways, in ways that I realised could indeed be incorporated into my clients clinical and life circumstances.


The foundational therapy, on which RIT™ is built, is that of the way of Mantra Meditation whose simple and disciplined practice has deep roots within the Western contemplative tradition, a contemplative practice stretching back to the third century and beyond.


The practice of Mantra Meditation embedded within the RIT™ model of therapy suits all individuals, dare I say ‘one size fits all’. Why? Because the door, the way in, via the practice of the mantra is the same for all, but the experience of the inner journey that leads home to one’s centre, is for each individual, utterly unique.


Come and explore the role of an ancient wisdom in a movement not so much of East meets West, but West meets West!


Reflective Integration Therapy™ - inspired by the Western contemplative tradition.


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