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Today an emerging body of research is bringing the female expression of autism into clear focus. Women and girls on the spectrum share the diagnostic traits of their male counterparts and yet diverge by their capacity to mask their social confusion, observing and mimicking their more socially able peers, drawing on their developed language skills to ‘get by’ and finding solace and pleasure in special interests that are less unusual than males, but no less intense.


The ‘coping mechanisms’ that women and girls on the spectrum employ come at a high price. The mental energy needed for social interaction, organizing oneself, and constant fear of making a social mistake, can leave them emotionally exhausted and contribute to elevated levels of anxiety, a fragmented sense of self-identity and low self-esteem.


Men on the spectrum thrive when offered a compass point that not only affirms their way of being in the world, but also elevates their autistic experience to the dignity it deserves. Taking traits too often described as stubbornness, bluntness and inflexibility, and reframing them as innate qualities of tenacity, forthrightness and stability, opens a conversation that leads to greater self-knowledge and self-awareness, harnessing the necessary qualities needed to succeed in the society in which they live.


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