Specialising in Autism Spectrum Conditions


As a therapist diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum I stand in solidarity with those whom I help, building a powerful sense of rapport, born of a shared perspective. With over years of experience in private practice working with those on the autism spectrum, you will find yourself in good and safe hands. More…



Online appointments available local, interstate and worldwide.


Clinic appointments available at Ballow Chambers, Brisbane QLD Australia.


Note: NDIS funded therapies are available for self-managed and plan-managed NDIS plans.


Adult Diagnostic Assessments

Adults on the autism spectrum often seek the confirmation of a diagnosis for their peace of mind, and better self-knowledge going forward. Often it is an enjoyable and life-enriching experience as I accompany you on retracing your own unique journey, affirming your deepest and truest self as a person on the spectrum.


The diagnostic process has three steps:

1. Obtaining a summary by email of your personal history as it applies to Asperger traits, as well as an email summary sent to me from a family member's perspective.

2. A clinic session (50 minutes) for discussion of personal history, observation and conducting of standardised autism questionnaire.

3. A follow up clinic session (50 minutes) to convey results and recommendations arising from results.
Please note: if you are seeking an autism diagnosis for the purpose of accessing NDIS or a Disability Support Pension, you will need to receive a diagnosis through either a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.


RIT Sessions for Adults

Reflective Integration Therapy™ offers you a space of welcome and hospitality to personally explore what it means to have autism in a psychotypical world, to gain new levels of personal insight, self-awareness and self-esteem, establishing your unique sense of self in relation to all others.


Through the 12 week programme, I will accompany you on a personal journey of self-discovery, and a dialogue of deeper personal meaning that approaches the autistic way of being from a position of health, rather than pathology, opening up new horizons of social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Regardless of your personal history and difficulties in life, the essential teachings and engaging therapies will guide you to peace of mind and solid self-esteem, an experience of personal transformation and healing which addresses your whole self; body, mind and spirit.

The RIT programme draws on aspects of your natural autistic temperament, including the qualities of silence, stillness and focus: key to unlocking your personal potential. More…


RIT Sessions for Children

RIT for Kids is an in clinic story based therapy for children on the autism spectrum (ages 5-12) that affirms the child's autistic way of being in the world building emotional resilience and self-acceptance in young children with Autism, ADHD and trauma. Delightful and engaging, this whimsical story of a child's typical school day is told through four child characters.


RIT for Kids is a 10 week programme that anticipates cognitive distortions early before they take root, promoting a healthy sense of self-identity, enabling them to withstand experiences that would undermine their continued sense of wellbeing. RIT for Kids promotes deep stability in the individual, both now and into adulthood. More…



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